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2006/10/27 i'm sure you've all read the dreadful news...
i just got back home and that's the first thing i read on the net... you could imagine the frustration, and how painful it must be for our mary...
mary is such an inspiration for me, not only as a player. they say it might took her 6-9 months to recover, and we might not have the chance to see her on court again... i'm praying for her, hope she get well really soon, and surprise us once again! but retire or not, mary i hope you know we all wish you all the best!
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2006/11/03 the videos i uploaded to youtube are unavailable right now due to some copyright issue. i'm working on it. you could still download those highlights plus many more full match videos on filefront
2006/10/20 i know, i know~ i didn't update the pics for quite a while, my webspace is full so i have to get rid of something first to make the space here. besides, i'm really lazy :p i might update the gallery when the season end. mary is still on her way back from her injury, we all love you no matter what mary!
in the meantime, check out jesse's blog!

2006/03/29 added 1 new wallpaper and calendar for april



2006/03/01 added 1 new wallpaper and calendar for march



2006/02/20 added 19 new pics and a new wallpaper
also for the video section, i'm trying this website, with the final match of ogdf (download that .rar ignore those 3 asf files) tell me what you think :)


皮尔斯画廊 - 法国网球选手玛丽·皮尔斯的中文网站

2005/12/21 mary pierce gallery is back in time!
i've never really liked the last design of this site, but just too lazy to make a new one. finally just before christmas, i finish this one, version no. 4 :) hope you like it.