desktop calendar     桌面月历
wallpapers      壁纸
that's a wonderful moment (in 1600x1200)
i always love this outfit
just wanna try a photoshop plug-in on this one :)
just an usual wallpaper idea... i'm not very creative... (in both 1600x1200 and 1024x768)
love the pic, have a hard time makin' this wallpaper. tried so many different ways, but just can't get it right... i have no talent at all :(
wanna make a simple one. the photo itself is nearly perfect. mary is beautiful...
yeah, only fans know it's mary :) but i like the idea. actually i want a wallpaper like this for a long time
i once wanna named this one 'bloody mary':p  i love it, looks great at night. though i guess it's not for everyone. (in 1600x1200)
this one is lighter:)  (in 1600x1200)
i like the color of this one! edited: in two slightly different colors now (in 1600x1200)
it's my first time using painter 9, so...
made a great background
just having fun with those brushes :)
another easy one~
love this pic!
color your desktop~
screensaver      屏幕保护程序
i made this one in 2003. (1024x768)